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  • Extended Adjective ChecklistFree iPhone online Personality Test or Personality Inventory which is an Extended Adjective Checklist for self / ideal-self assessment on major personality dimensions and traits.
  • Psychiatric Tools  v.3.2Features: Diagnose Major Personality Disorders Risk Assessment for violence and suicide Differential Diagnosis Simply check the checkboxes with positive answers and press buttons to follow instructions to a diagnosis. Child GAF( Version 2.0 Only) ...
  • Psychiatric Tools Pro  v.3.2Diagnose Major Personality Disorders, Risk Assessment for violence and suicide and Differential Diagnosis. Simply check the checkboxes with positive answers to a diagnosis. Mini Mental Status, Child GAF. Stealth mode for Unattended administration ...
  • MB Personality Plus  v.1.05MB Personality Plus is a personality profile test based on the four key personality profiles. This test not only shows your dominant personality type but also shows how you interact with people.
  • Personality Test  v.1.0Very good color personality quiz. Quick and precise. Try it out, you'll be amazed- this test is really one of the most accurate personality tests. It is based on Luscher scheme- you choose colors, the program tells you about your psychological state.
  • Personality type test  v.1.0This test determines your psychological state and personality type. It is very accurate and if you like prsonality quizzes- try it out, you will like it. This is the most accurate personality type test for today, this program is free.
  • Personality tests package  v.1.0Very good psychological test. Describes your personality type. This test was written by the best psycologists and is based on colors you choose. Helps you determine your psychological problems and solve them quickly. Results of the quiz are printable ...
  • Personality quiz with colors  v.1.0Amazing personality test. Extra accurate testing results. It is widely used by secret services, as it is impossible to get incorrect results for this test or to cheat- it is based on colors you choose and works directly with your subconscious mind.
  • MB Free Personality Number  v.1.25MB Free Personality Number Software is a highly informative and user-friendly software which gives you valuable information about your outer self, your appearance and how others tend to see you in general.
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